ATLAS Data Platform

Designed for Business User to harness the Power of Data.


The "app store" for data

Every organization accumulates massive amount of data, but many are still unlikely to make full use of it for better decision making.

Here are a few questions we address:

1. How many versions of the same data have you seen in your organization?
2. How many erroneous data points make it to your corporate data store?
3. Are you able to seamlessly connect and quickly analyze data from multiple data sources?

Atlas provides the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) platform, organize and categorize your data through our proprietary data abstraction layer. The interface provides simple yet fast way for you to search and use data to its full potential.

Atlas is proven to help organizations across the spectrum to disrupt the ever-growing data silos, and we believe we can help you too.

Single view of your company assets

Consolidate all your data across all platforms and databases

Governance & Access Control

Protect your data without limiting the ease of access

Atlas provides a complete data governance suite that helps to govern and secure critical data without compromising the ease of data accessibility, but restricting the data to be available only to those who need it.

Governance & Entitlement
A complete data governance tool that allows you to enforce your data governance policy through a data entitlement system. Every performed action is automatically logged for auditing purpose.
Data Masking
Protect sensitive information (such as emails and credit card details) by using our data masking capability that performs encryption to near-identical masked data across datasets without affecting the data analysis.
Data On Demand
Atlas enables the business user to request for data in a process workflow using concept similiar to a shopping cart.

From business user to data expert

Empowering your organization to be truly data-driven.

Data is the very heart of what we do using Atlas. We see that meaningful change will take place in an organization when the business users are empowered with the information they need.

Time saving in process cycle efficiency
We help our clients to save millions annually by making the process cycle efficient
Speaking data throughout the organization
A data-driven organization empowers all departments to have the opportunity to access data and utilizing them to make better decisions

Let's work together

We are determined to deliver exceptionally high ROI to every customer through unlocking the power of data. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.