Make Discovery with Atlas Data Warehouse

First-in-class agnostic data warehouse engine


Fast, reliable & cost effective

The modern Data Warehouse as part of Atlas utilizes highly scalable cloud data storage and computation power in order to provide unified and multi-structured data handling easily and in a very organized manner.

It is also the first-in-class engine designed to be agnostic and it is easy to plug and play into your existing data warehouse infrastructure such as Azure Synapse or Snowflake, providing advanced analytics capability. It is also designed to be friendly to the business user.

Cost Effective
We deliver maximum value to you at minimum cost.
Fast & Reliable
Provide highly reliable system through cloud infrastructure.

SQL Designer for Non-Technical Staff

Easily create complicated SQL queries even without technical knowledge

Analytic in a Safe Space

Create, share and query

While developing Atlas, we are committed to creating a culture where people can speak data and can work together seamlessly in any given situation.

We are constantly addressing some of the growing challenges that organizations face on harnessing the full potential of their data, redefining how teams can collaborate by creating shared workspace to interact with data sets from multiple sources.

Analyzing raw data for insights has never been easier, especially for the non-technical user. Help your company to optimize performance by getting most out of your dataset, without overloading the data scientists.

Let's work together

We are determined to deliver exceptionally high ROI to every customer through unlocking the power of data. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.