Data Solutions

Our mantra is to help our clients discover hidden opportunities, maximize revenue and reduce inefficiencies using the Power of Data.

Data Architecture

The best framework for managing data efficiently lies in the prime enabler. At Envyi, we design the right models, policies, rules and standards that decides which data is collected and stored for further usage. Our best practices in designing the right framework are trusted by clients across the spectrum.
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Data Analytics & Visualization

Let your data tell you what is going on.

Raw data hardly provides sufficient awareness. It is in the analysis of raw data that surfaces hidden information and helps you grow.

Every organization, regardless of industry, benefits from clear visualization and infographics. Supported by our homegrown powerful data platform, Atlas, the level of integration is beyond comparable – providing the best-in-class analytics and visualization of your data.

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AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is our best friend. With some pre-conditioning achieved through training our AI models, they can do wonders like digesting large amount of data. With proven records of having our trained AI implemented with clients, we ensure the achievement in process optimization and predictive analytics.
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Robotic Process Automation

We do not have enough hands to do all the required work, do we? Hence, we bring in digital workers also known as Robotic Process Automation (RPAs) to your workforce. RPAs are the most advanced formats of process automation that can help you cover some of the tedious and repetitive tasks so that your team can focus on other tasks that can enhance the company value.
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We are determined to deliver exceptionally high ROI to every customer through unlocking the power of data. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.