Data Architecture

Delivering a robust, reliable and scalable data infrastructure that provides the base for data-driven organization.


Scalable & Reliable

Designed to handle petabytes of data at a higher availability and reliability with the modern cloud architecture.
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Disruptive Innovation

Designed to work seamlessly with our exclusive product - ATLAS to enable data accessibility at scale.
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Cost Effective

Designed to be cost effective without compromising performance. Delivery maximum result with minimum cost.
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Scalable & Reliable

Handle petabytes of data at scale

Cloud technology is revolutionizing the ways an organization create and store information.

Our data architecture is designed to store and process large amounts of data using cloud technology. It provides big computational powers on demand, and lets you store and retrieve data in a very affordable way. Our architecture design addresses three of the major challenges that are faced by many data-driven organizations today.

Data Quality
When working with diverse data sources, data quality has always been an issue for many organizations. At Envyi, we ensure that there are proper data contexts placed, as well as the prevention of duplicate and missing data that can lead to unreliable analysis.
The value of big data relies on its volume. Poor architecture designs can lead to higher costs and brings significant degradation to performance. We ensure that your data architecture is planned and designed to be scalable.
The risks of storing data in the cloud can be really challenging for many. With strong security features in mind, we enable sensitive information to be masked whenever possible while maintaining the information required for proper data analysis.
Disruptive Innovation

An inclusive approach to data management

What makes Envyi’s value proposition unique relies on our homegrown data portal – Atlas. Atlas is a one-stop data center that can empower different parts of the organization with data, paving way for better decision making, increased sales, minimized costs and so on. With the right combination of data, analytics and design, it can do wonders to your organization.
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Cost Effective

Delivering maximum result at a minimal cost

We put you in the center of every decision that we make, particularly in the areas of cost optimization of cloud services. We deliver cost-efficient strategies so that you can get the most bang for your buck. We evaluate each services in detail and determine whether they can provide positive value for dollar. We also provide an automated solution to close targeted cloud services when they are not in use.

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