AI & Machine Learning

Turn your data into a predictive model and make data-driven forecasts.


Predict & Forecast

Design predictive models based on historical data and look into the future for strategic decision-making.
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Anomalies/Fault Detection

Discover distinctive anomalies that can be potential fault to implement better preventive measures.
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Object Recognition

Design neural network models that can automatically recognize unstructured data or objects in real time.
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Predict & Forecast

Designing predictive model for better forecasting

At Envyi, we work closely with our clients to understand and analyze data contexts, as well as to design predictive models using either statistical or neural networks depending on the nature of data.
We have also worked with clients to develop predictive maintenance and predictive advisory so that they can forecast better with both supervised and unsupervised learning.
Anomalies / Fault Detection

Identifying outliers and anomalies using signal detection

The discovery of anomalies create powerful signals in the form of an "outlier" appearing repeatedly in the prior domain of analysis. Outliers are very distinctive, and they stand out from the rest of data. When this is the case, accurate data-driven decisions can be made.
We help you design automated outliers and anomaly detection models using machine learning capabilities.
Object Recognition

State-of-art object recognition with CNN

Object recognition is a machine learning capability used for identifying object with an image. Using convolutional neural networks (CNN), this can be trained to identify the object even if the image has been zooms or rotated. This capability can be used to turn unstructured data into structured data as well.
There are many applications to automated object recognition using machine learning. We ensure to design appropriate model that suits your requirements and needs.

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