Robotic Process Automation

Let the robot take care of repetitive tasks


Focus on Productive Tasks

Use RPA to automatically perform repetitive tasks so that you can focus on more productive tasks.
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Reduce Human Error

Using RPAs can help you to avoid mistakes, save time and make more accurate decisions.
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Save Operational Costs

Save costs by cutting down time-consuming steps, avoiding human error and increasing operational efficiency.
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Focus on Productive Task

Delegate repetitive tasks to robot

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a system that helps you to automate repetitive and mundane tasks like scheduling emails and replying customers.
Delegate the repetitive tasks to the robot so you can focus on complex tasks that can add positive value to your organization.
Reduce Human Error

Avoid the high cost of error

Process automations carry the capabilities necessary to help you avoid mistakes, save huge amount of time and make more accurate decisions.
According to McKinsey Global Institute, it is estimated that more than 81% of predictable physical work, 69% of data processing and 64% of data-collection activities can be potentially automated.
However, a poor process automation can potentially lead to a more disastrous event, even a system breakdown. At Envyi, we work closely with clients to make sure their process automation is designed with robustness in mind.
Save Operational Costs

Reduce operational cost significantly

High performing software programs can reduce the time and effort required to complete mundane tasks. This in return, makes an organization to run in a more efficient manner and has better resources to be more adaptive to change, making navigation and decision making more relevant

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